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Periander: Philosophy quotes

What is the essential reason of all? It is a time.

Pittacus: Philosophy quotes

You should careful consider a time.

Thales: Philosophy quotes

What is the sagest of all? It is a time, because it opens all.

Biant: Philosophy quotes

Who is the best adviser? It is a time.

Zeno: Philosophy quotes

If you would like to become proficient in sciences, the most undesirable thing is arrogance and the most important thing is a time.

Han Fei: Philosophy quotes

Time can be empty and full, business can be successful und unsuccessful, and things occur and die.

Cicero: Philosophy quotes

Time destroys the false opinions, but he confirms judgments of nature.

Titus Lucretius Carus: Philosophy quotes

The significance of things changes with the time.

Time doesn’t exist, but things go to the feeling of time.

Marcus Aurelius: Philosophy quotes

Unceasing course of time gives constantly the youth to the infinite eternity.

Plato: Philosophy quotes

Time is eternity that sees its own implementations.

Aristotle: Philosophy quotes

Time is the most unknown of all unknown things.

Time is a measure of motion. All things in time measure all the time.

Pierre Gassendi: Philosophy quotes

Time always flows equal and doesn’t undergo any changes, independent of existence or absence of things, independent of their motion or rest.

Hegel: Philosophy quotes

Nothing appears in time, but the origin itself is the time.

Augustine: Philosophy quotes

Time cures all wounds.

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You should careful consider a time.