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Pittacus: Philosophy quotes

Wisdom builds a nest in one word and evolves a thought from one phrase that has a life’s depth and a length in centuries.

Bias: Philosophy quotes

You should take from youth to old age as a gift a wisdom, because it doesn’t exist a dignity more reliable.

Laozi: Philosophy quotes

The efforts of the wise man direct to being satisfied with his life, but he doesn’t want to have many things.

When people don’t know me much, I am valued high. That is why a wise man looks like a man, who wears shabby clothes and holds jasper in the pocket.

Pythagoras: Philosophy quotes

The first elements of wisdom: you should study to reflect and to lose your ability to chat.

Hearing and keeping silence, you become a wise man. The beginning of wisdom is silence.

Confucius: Philosophy quotes

Middle is the nearest point to the wisdom. Not to achieve this point is the same that to cross it.

Blockhead burdens that people don’t know him, but a sage burdens that he doesn’t know people.

Socrates: Philosophy quotes

To be lower as yourself is the same as ignorance, but to be higher as yourself is a wisdom.

Democritus: Philosophy quotes

Wisdom gives a person three following capabilities: to make excellent decisions, to speak and to make proper things.

A wise man is a measure of all things, which exist.  With a help of senses he measures perceptible things and with a help of reason he measures intellectual things.

Antisthenes: Philosophy quotes

A wise man doesn’t need anything, because all things, which belong to other people, belongs him too.

Epicurus: Philosophy quotes

You shouldn’t avoid doing small services, because people will think that you can do more.

Han Fei: Philosophy quotes

Wisdom is not different from the expression of intellectual superiority of a person.

Cicero: Philosophy quotes

It isn’t enough to possess wisdom; you should be able to use it too.

Seneca: Philosophy quotes

Wisdom never irritates itself.

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The efforts of the wise man direct to being satisfied with his life, but he doesn’t want to have many things.